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Size Equivalent Storage
5x5 5'X5' (25 Sq.Ft) Regular closet Personal & small furniture items
5x5 5'X10' (50 Sq.Ft) Walk-in closet Sofas, chairs, tables and boxes
5x5 10'X10' (100 Sq.Ft) Half 1 car garage One-bedroom apartment with major appliances. Furniture and supplies.
5x5 10'X15' (150 Sq.Ft) 2/3 of a 1 car garage A two-bedroom, appliances. boxes, commercial inventory
5x5 10'X20' (200Sq.Ft) Standard 1 car garage A three-bedroom, appliances. boxes, files, inventory.
5x5 10'X30' (300 Sq.Ft) 1 ½ car garage Five-bedroom with major space for files, boxes, inventory
5x5 10'X40' (400Sq.Ft) Standard 2 car garage Furnishing of two-bedroom, vehicle, small boat, boxes and carpet rolls